What do Top Athletes Eat to Remain Strong, Fast, and Steady?

by | Feb 7, 2021

Health and fitness are critical for any athletic career. A proper nutritious diet plays a great role in making an athlete successful. A strong and healthy body with a comprehensive diet and training leads to a great performance. The requirements of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats depend upon the type of sports and the hours of training sessions.

Diets of top athletes

High protein

Many hours of training pose great stress on muscles. A proper recovery time and food will help in restoring the lost body stores. Athletes intake such a diet which is rich in protein especially eggs, beans, lean meats provide a clean protein source. Almond milk, smoothies, and shakes will help in restoring body electrolytes. Most of the players drink banana shakes after a training session.


Carbs are the main source of energy. The body breaks down the carbs into glycogen that is stored in the body as a source of energy during training. You can fuel up the muscle glycogen stores 90 mins before a training session. Athletes load up the carb store 3 to 4 days before the event. The main carb source is wheat, cereals, juices, and refined carbs.  Fruit and fruit juices are the preferred choices of many athletes. Top athletes try to avoid any sugary foods as quick energy is not required after training.

Fluids and Electrolytes

Water is required for the muscle breakdown and new muscle formation. Fluids are also observed keenly in any athletes’ diet. Over intake of fluids can cause bloating on the other hand less intake of fluids will cause dehydration. Electrolytes like sodium and potassium are very important to keep nutritional balance in the muscles. 


Muscular strength is extremely critical for an Athlete. High protein, adequate carbs, and plenty of fluids and electrolytes will replenish body stores to build strength and endurance.