Safest Exercises for Senior Citizens

by | Feb 7, 2021

Staying healthy and fit is important no matter how old you are. Exercise is among one of the most important, most reliable, and quickest ways to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Sadly, for senior citizens, some exercises are not considered safe, and they might have to avoid doing them. 

This article will list down all the safe exercises that you can do as a senior citizen.


What better to stay safe, sane, and fit than to take a long walk! Walking is considered one of the most stress-relieving exercises, having a positive impact on your mind as well as the body. There are several physical benefits that a senior citizen can get by walking a selective number of steps daily. Studies have proven that walking lowers the threat of heart attack and diabetes. Through walking, you can also reduce joint pain and strengthen your muscles while staying completely safe. 

Water Aerobics

Although swimming requires a lot of energy and is not listed as a completely safe activity for senior citizens, the elders can make up for the lack of water activities by doing water aerobics. It is considered the best form of exercise for those with joints or bone pain. Exercising in water can also increase your stamina and energize you. You can do safe water aerobics activities such as water jogging, flutter kicking, etc. 

Chair Yoga

As the human body grows older, it loses its natural flexibility. This is one of the main reasons why Yoga is not exactly the safest sport for senior citizens. But you can cover up for missing normal yoga by participating in chair yoga activities that include legs and triceps press, bicep curl, and many more. 


Apart from the aforementioned exercises, Pilates and body weights are also included in safe exercises for senior citizens. Although, exercises such as squats, rock climbing, and long-distance running should be completely avoided.