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Articles about the benefits of being good in his body and his mind


It’s well-known now that a good alimentation prevents from terrible diseases. You will find here all you want to know about nutrition


Surgery is something that more and more people assume openly. Find here all the clues about a good surgery and what can it do for you.


Hygiene is one of the most important things in your everyday life. Find here some tips to improve your hygiene at low cost.


We regroup here all the articles about medications. If you want to know what is controversial and what is recommended check this.

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Safest Exercises for Senior Citizens

Safest Exercises for Senior Citizens

Staying healthy and fit is important no matter how old you are. Exercise is among one of the most important, most reliable, and quickest ways to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Sadly, for senior citizens, some exercises are not considered safe, and they...

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About Me

Hello everyone, I am Daniel, a 5th Grade medecine student in California. 

In order for me to improve my knowledge about what will be (I hope) my futur carrer, I read and search a lots of things about health in books and internet.

I want to share you my knowledge and all the tips I got from my experiences in internship and through my readings.

Please contact me for any questions and I will be glad to answer you asap !


Daniel Doyle

Daniel Doyle


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